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ESD Fabric 5mm Grid 98% Polyester 2% Conductive Fiber

ESD Fabric 5mm Grid(Checked): AF0080

Description: Anti-static ESD Woven Polyester Fabric, 5mm Grid

Applications: ESD protection in clean rooms, work wear


1) It is also called"conductive silk", and it adopts the special polyester filament and high quality conductive yarns 

2) This kind of fabric, offers good resistance to static, chemicals and abrasion. It is designed for Class 1000 clean rooms and higher. And it is applicable in electronics, medicals, biology, optics, spaceflight industries etc

3) Meets ESD standards, system resistance 106-109ohms

4) Our ESD Polyester Fabric 100D Series

Model Spec Yarn Count Weight Density Charge Density Friction Voltage
AF0060 Strip 5mm 100D48F*100D48F 110-115g/m2 165*82ends/inch 1.2uc/m <300V
AF0064 Strip 10mm 100D48F*100D48F 110-115g/m2 165*82ends/inch 1.2uc/m <300V
AF0080 Grid 5mm 100D48F*100D48F 110-115g/m2 165*82ends/inch 0.8uc/m <200V
AF0083 Grid 2.5mm 100D48F*100D48F 115-120g/m2 165*89ends/inch 0.8uc/m


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