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ESD V-neck T-Shirt 5mm Grid


It is made of ESD static dissipative materials. It does not come from any spray-on application.


Widely used in ESD protected ares, aerospace, electronics, medical device, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, biotech, food processing, injection molding, or any of the other high tech fields

      1) It is designed to dissipate a charge to that person’s skin and then to ground
      2) It is constructed of a lightweight dissipative material which made from polyester and a minimum of 2% carbon conductive filament.
      3) It has a V-neck design and knitted cuffs to prevent dust.
      4) It offers good resistance to static, chemicals, abrasion and dust, . It is designed for Class 1000-10000 cleanrooms and higher.
      5) And it is applicable in Semiconductor assembling line, Laboratory, Auto and etc.
      6) Meets ESD standards, system resistance 106-109ohms