ESD Boots/ESD Booties

Product Description:

Constructions: PU/PVC Sole+ESD Fabric

Color: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green and etc, all colors are available

Size: 34#~50# (Chinese Size); 220mm~300mm

Surface Resistance: 107 ~1010 Ω

Standard: Comply with EN100015 and IEC 61340-5-1 


1. Washable, excellent ESD performance with resistance 107~108 Ω

2. Efficiently prevent dust generating

3. Static-dissipative inner soles and bottom soles can provide continuous electric contact of the foot to ground as required by ESD standards. 


Widely used for electronic, optical instrument, pharmacy, microbial engineering, precision instrument industry etc. 

Usage Notes:

1. Be worn on ESD floor.

2. Don’t wear insulated wool socks or insoles.

3. Don’t stick any insulation material to the sole.

4. Test ESD properties of shoes every week, and clean it or change it according the results.

Maintenance Notes:

1. Be cleaned with warm water (below 40℃) and soft brush.

2. Washed with neutral detergent.

3. Dry in the ventilation, cool place, and avoid direct sunlight.

4. Keep shoes in cool place and infilling with soft cloth or paper.

Model: CRS101(Non-hole upper) 




Model: CRS102(Mesh upper) 


Here's Sole comparison for PU & PVC

(Above is PU, while below is PVC)