Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower Model: SL-010

Product Description:

Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower

Model: SL-010

Operating Voltage 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Current Consumption 3.3A or 1.65A

Operating Temperature 0 ~50°c

Air Coverage  60cm x 120cm

Size 570mm(L)×230mm(W)×170mm(H)

Weight 8.8kg

Testing Condition:

Air Volume 40-190CFM

Operating Voltage: 110V/220V,

Testing Voltage: 1kV to 100V,

Temperature: 22℃

Distance  300mm
600mm 900mm 1200mm
Left 300mm 1.5s 2.8s 3.9s 5.6s
Center 1.1s 2.2s 3.6s 5.5s
Right 300mm
1.4s 2.8s 3.8s 5.9s


Ionizing air blower is a static elimination device which delivers a balanced ion stream to neutralize wide, focused areas.

They remove contaminants attraction and neutralize static charges from wide, focused, or hard-to-reach areas so as to increase productivity In manufacturing.

They are ideally used in industrial environments such as delicate electronic products, electronic assembly line, medical device manufacturing and assembly lines, printing, packaging, and small part injection molding etc.

Ion balance voltage is ≤ +/-10V.