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How Finger Cots Help in ESD Control?

Source: | Views:6169 | Published:2013-09-05 14:51:30

ESD control is crucial in electronic industry. ESD event may lead to serious damage to electronic components.

There are two causes of ESD i.e. (i) static electricity which is generated through tribo-charging whereby two objects are brought together and then separated. This will give rise to difference in electrical potential which may cause ESD event; and (ii) electrostatic induction where an electrically charged object, be it conducive or non-conducive, comes into contact or in near contact with a conducive object, for instance a printed circuit board, isolated from ground. The sudden surge of current may cause ESD event that subsequently damage the circuit board.

In order to control ESD, one may prevent the build-up of static charge. The use of anti-static and static dissipative materials may eliminate the charge build-up. Anti-static finger cots could assist in this aspect. The finger cots must be powder free. Otherwise the movement between the powder and latex finger cots may produce static charge. When this static charge is brought into contact with the electronic components which are not properly grounded, surge of charge may destroy the electronic component. 

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