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ESD Fabric


ESD fabric, also known as static dissipative fabric, it is made of conductive fibers and polyester, cotton, or polyester cotton blended, which can automatically corona discharge or leakage discharge. It can be tailored as kinds of ESD garments and its accessories. These ESD safe clothing will help human body eliminate the static electricity in workshop places or general environments. 

According to the production process, we have ESD woven fabrics and ESD knitted fabrics. ESD woven fabrics, are mainly included ESD polyester fabrics, such as composition of 98% polyester and 2% conductive fiber type, it is regarded as a preferred choice of Cleanroom coverall fabric, while ESD T/C fabrics, such as composition of 65% polyester 33% cotton and 2% conductive fiber type, is seen as perfect ESD lab coat fabric. For ESD knitted fabrics, they are also called as ESD T-shirts fabric or ESD POLO fabric, people like it not only its superior flexibility, breathability, sweat absorption and wrinkle resistance, but also its excellent ESD performance makes people free movement in static sensitive areas. 

All our ESD fabrics are fully complied with the ESD standards related to fabrics such as EN 1149-1:2006, AISI/ESD STM 11.11 and etc. Now they are widely used in aerospace, electronics, AI, medical device, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, biotech, food processing and many other numerous high tech fields. On other hand, we can arrange customized production for different kinds ESD fabrics with different composition, different weaving style, different weight /density, different colors and etc.

Accordingly, we also provide kinds of functional sewing thread, including anti-static sewing thread, conductive sewing thread, touch screen sewing thread, etc. According to their different features, they can be applied for sewing anti-static shoes, clothes, gloves, etc. 

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