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ESD Clothing And Accessories


ESD Clothing And Accessories, also called as static control clothing and lab wear, they are designed to be worn in cleanroom or static sensitive areas, and help prevent damage to sensitive electronic components that are being assembled or packaged. Clothing options ranging from coverall, smocks, caps, gloves, finger cots to shoes, available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Anti-static workwear is essential for many industries such as electronics manufacturing and cleanroom (microelectronics/pharmaceutical industry). It is a core component in ensuring operators remain safe and static sensitive components are protected from static charge.

ALLESD garments are light-weight and comfortable to wear, you can find ESD-safe lab coats, ESD-safe cleanroom coverall suit, ESD-safe smock, Anti-static polo shirts, Anti-static t-shirts, ESD caps, ESD storage bag, ESD vest, ESD apron and more. 

Meanwhile we offer a wide variety of anti-static footwear which typically used in electronics manufacturing and assembly applications. ALLESD footwear’s selected to ensure compliance with ANSI/ESD footwear standard. It comes in several forms: ESD shoes, ESD boots, autoclave boots, ESD overshoes, ESD slippers, ESD sandals and etc. They are designed to prevent static generation when people walk, and maximize operator performance and safety by ensuring personnel grounding. They should be used in conjunction with suitable static dissipative or conductive flooring.   

We also supply different kinds of ESD gloves and finger cots, offer a verity of choices when it comes to the different types, including PU coated gloves, Dust-free plain gloves, powder free ESD finger cots, nitrile finger cots, disposable gloves and etc. 

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