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Clean rooms, can be defined as "A room with control of participate contamination". They are often found within medical device, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing facilities. In clean rooms, materials, furniture, and equipment need to be cleaned to certain standards. Everyone who enters the clean room environment must wear specialized apparel to help prevent contaminants from coming into the clean room and/or traveling around within it. 

The use of sticky mats will prevent large quantities of unwanted particles from being carried into the clean room on shoe soles, castors of trolleys, while clean room tacky rollers can help with decontamination by picking up particles and contaminates. Polyethylene sheets can be peeled off easily from the sticky mats or tacky rollers, making it quick and easy to clean a room. We also offer washable permanent adhesive mat or roller, which have the advantage of greater particle binding and are also easy to wash off. 

In order to maintain a clean room, cleaning is a top priority, from floors to table surfaces, furniture to equipment. We offer a great variety of supplies to keep your cleanroom clean, including clean room wipes, clean room swabs, clean room mops, ESD brushes, ESD brooms, ESD vacuums and many other cleaning tools. Based on different certification standards of cleanroom, we offer cleanroom class 100-100,000 wipes and swabs. There’s microfiber wipes/swabs, polyester wipes/swabs, non-woven wipes/foam swabs and etc with options in different sealed way, such as knife cutting, laser cutting, hot melt edging, hemmed. We also offer many selections of clean room mops, including microfiber cleanroom mops, string cleanroom mops and its refills. Many different sizes, shapes of ESD brushes, ESD solvent dispenser available as well. If you are interested in, ESD broom set, ESD vacuum cleaner also will not let you down.  

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