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As a broad term, ESD equipment includes everything from a basic anti-static screwdriver to an automated assembly line with EPA. It works to actively neutralize the threat posed by static electricity by working to safely discharge static charges. ESD equipment comes in many different forms, but here we display major facilities that maintain the EPA environment only, including ESD mat, ESD curtain, ESD chair, ESD flooring, ESD turnstile gate, magnifying lamp, cleanroom phones and cleanroom door interlock systems.

ESD mats, also called as static dissipative table mats or floor mats, they are primarily used to prevent electronic circuit boards and other electronic products from damage by an electrostatic charge, they are available in rubber or vinyl materials, structure, colors and in complete rolls or pre-cut for options. ESD curtains, called as soft-wall cleanrooms, can be set up as permanent spaces or as temporary or portable spaces. When installed with conductive ropes, this will help reduce high static charges by up to 90%. ESD chair provides reliable protection against electrostatic discharges for electronic workplaces. A "normal" work chair with plastic seat and backrest can generate static charges, but ESD chair, placed on a conductive flooring with earth connection, the diversion of electric charge takes place via the backrest, seat, gas spring and base to the wheels and further to the floor. To protect electronics from damage caused by static electricity which accumulates from traffic, ESD flooring creates a traceable path from the walking surface to ground. For ESD turnstile gate system, it is an effective access control tester, ensures that only employees with appropriate and functional personnel grounding are allowed to enter the EPA. In cleanrooms designed with multiple entry points or interconnected rooms, an interlock door system can be equipped to prevent loss of pressure and allow the ventilation and air purification systems to operate optimally. An interlock can take many forms. In its simplest form, an interlock comprises two doors, each opening into a separate space, with an airspace between them. Our clean room phone has two kinds of materials: plastic shell and stainless steel shell. It is installed in a wall-mounted way, which can provide safe and stable hands-free communication in a sterile environment. They are ideal for use in cleanrooms from pharmaceutical and food manufacturing to microelectronics and aviation industries. Magnifier lamp is the ideal tool to view objects at certain magnification in bright light, with high contrast and a sharply defined focus. Whether ESD type or ordinary one, bench mounted or floor stand type, we have the suitable one for you. 

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