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ESD Grounding Products


ESD grounding products are necessary to set up a proper ESD workstation. They include ESD wrist straps, ESD heel grounders, bench mount ground blocks, ESD ground cords for ESD mats, earth bonding plugs, and other grounding accessories. 

We offer a wide variety of ESD wrist straps, including stainless steel metal band, fabric band and comfort silicon band with multiple lengths of cords. For ESD heel grounders, 1M Ohm resistor is buried as standard. There's different fasteners, sizes and colors for options when wearing flat shoes, but toe grounders or full coverage types also can be offered if needed. BTW, Disposable heel grounder is an economic and effective choices, 300mm or 600mm will work.  

ESD grounding cords, there’s coiled or straight cord shape for options, length could be customized upon request. They come in a variety of termination point types, including banana plug type, socket type, stud type, ring type. All are designed to accommodate the flow of energy in both directions to manage current. 

Our Earth Bonding Point (EBP) plugs are a simple method of grounding. We supply a number of UK and European earth bonding plug range to fit all requirements, they will come with any combination of 10mm studs, 7mm studs, 4mm studs, banana sockets, shrouded banana sockets and reverse banana sockets to suit any requirements. Simple and effective grounding accessories can be added to bonding plugs or snaps for a secure connection, such as heavy duty crocodile clip and etc.

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