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ESD Meters & Testing Equipment


ESD static meters and monitor testing equipment are critical to any static control areas, they locate and measure static electricity and test electronic devices. We offer a huge variety of ESD static meters, monitors and testers that verify the performance of ESD materials and personnel grounding products. 

Surface resistivity meters measure the static voltages present on an object’s surface to determine how much ESD damage can occur to electronic devices. They are ideal for auditing ESD materials such as ESD packaging materials, table mats, flooring and more. They provide the ability to verify the class of materials, whether they are conductive, dissipative or insulative. Charged plate monitors and ESD static meters can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of ESD ionizers as well as the tribo-charging characteristics of materials in EPA area.

ESD wrist strap monitors are pieces of monitor testing equipment by workers to control and dissipate static electricity. They send a signal from a battery or AC power unit to test the wrist strap’s electrical resistance and efficiency. ESD wrist strap and footwear combo checkers help to determine that operator’s personal grounding devices functioning correctly. 

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